2017 Reading Stats and Goals for 2018

2017 Reading Stats and Goals for 2018

I know that by now you guys are probably sick of reading 2017 wrap-up posts. But hopefully you have it in you to read just one more! I recently posted my list of Top 2017 Reads, which highlights my favorite books of the year. This post is not quite the same; this is going to feature my reading stats (which I made handy-dandy graphics for), and just a couple things I want to work towards in 2018. Here we go!

Reading Stats

First, some very general ones:

2017 wrap-up graphic

I met my Goodreads goal exactly (though it was a really close call, I’ll admit)! My average book length was 350 pages, and my average rating was 3.9 stars. Really not too bad! I may not have read 100+ books like a lot of bloggers, but at least the books I did read were long and of decent quality.

genre chart

Here’s a break down of what I read according to genre this year. Not at all surprising that fantasy is the largest category, though it’s interesting that contemporary came in second. Apparently I’m more of a romantic than I claim to be! I really want to read more sci-fi though, since it’s easily my second favorite genre. The “Other” category mostly consists of classics and random books I had to read for school. I started taking AP Literature this year, so that explains why this category is probably a bit larger than it would usually be.

age group chartAaaand no one is surprised by this chart. Good thing I run a YA blog, because clearly I read a vast majority of YA, lol! The only reason adult is even as big as 15% is because of AP Lit, like I said before. I only read one Middle Grade book though, and I want that to change! MG is such a fun, (mostly) light-hearted genre, I need more of it in my life.

diversity chart

I have to say, I’m disappointed in myself. I almost didn’t include this section of stats, because once I started counting up books for each category, I realized how many non-diverse books I read and I was embarrassed. But for that reason, I knew I needed to include this even more, so that I can work towards reading a lot more diversely in 2018! Let me explain the categories I made. Non-diverse includes books that feature a protagonist and a majority of side characters that do not have any qualities belonging to a marginalized group. A few books that I read had “token” diverse side characters, which I guess could make the book qualify for “Diverse MCs,” but that’s really not the point or in the spirit of the We Need Diverse Books movement. I decided to include them in non-diverse for that reason. Diverse MCs (main characters) includes books with marginalized protagonists, or at least a large amount of important diverse side characters, but that are not necessarily written by a marginalized author, or an author of the same marginalization as the character(s). Finally, ownvoices is self-explanatory. At least together, my ownvoices and diverse MC categories outnumbered non-diverse. But only by a little bit, which I clearly need to work on.

by the month

Here’s a look at how many books I managed to read each month! I’m not surprised that July was my most productive month, since it’s smack in the middle of the summer when I have time off from school. You can also see where I had to play catch up in December in order to meet my goal! On the other hand, I really don’t know what happened in February…

publish date

Lastly, we have a break down of what I read according to the year they were published. To be honest, I thought there would be a much larger majority of 2017 books. But again with all those AP Lit books factored in, I read a decent amount published before 2017. As I expressed in my Beat the Backlist post, however, I want to make that number at least half! I have way too many unread, purchased books to keep reading so many ARCs.

Goals for the Year Ahead

  • Read a total of 45 books. I debated for several days whether or not to do another Goodreads challenge, since it does put me under pressure for an activity that’s supposed to be fun. But in the three years since I started tracking my reading progress, I’ve been able to read more and more. So I decided it was worth it to push myself!
  • Half of the books that I read will be from my backlist. Again, I explained this in my Beat the Backlist entry, but I read way too many new releases and never get around to the books that I’ve had on my shelves for years. It’s time that I change that.
  • Buy less! And only buy books that I’m really interested in. In the same vein as my backlist goal, I want to stop buying books based on all the hype they get, and focus on books that I’m genuinely excited for. I’ve gotten so many books on a whim, and regretted it almost the moment I brought them home. I think pre-ordering more, rather than buying in store, will help with that!
  • Make an effort to read older series on my shelves. There are so many book series that I’ve always wanted to read, and kind of missed the hype for, that I keep putting off in favor of new releases. A few of these include: The Raven Cycle, the Wrath & the Dawn duology, The Star-Touched Queen (& companion books), the Truthwitch series, And I Darken trilogy, and, yes, the ACOTAR trilogy / Throne of Glass series (though I will be going into those books with a lot of hesitation and low expectations). There are so many more, I could keep going for days!

And that’s a wrap! What did your 2017 year in books look like? What are some goals you have for 2018?

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12 thoughts on “2017 Reading Stats and Goals for 2018”

  1. Literally all of your goals match my reading goals for 2018 😂😂 I have set a goal for my Goodreads challenge but I made it considerably lower than last year so reading feels less like competition and more like… fun!

    And I did a huge unhaul just before the year ended and I realised I owned way too many unread books that I was only mildly interested in and mostly bought because of hype! I now have a list of books I’m GENUINELY excited about and I will probably purchase all of those, but I’m trying to not let the hype get to me this year!

    Even after my unhaul, I still have A TON aid backlist books on my TBR that I really want to get to so I’m hoping to be able to balance those in addition to the new releases coming out this year!

    Good luck with your goals though! <3

    1. Thanks, good luck to you too!! I definitely need to do (another) unhauling, there are so many books I bought that I either didn’t care much about to begin with, or lost interest in. The hype is always so hard to resist! 😫 I’m already thinking about lowering my GR goal, the stress of trying to keep that “you’re on track” status is kicking in 😂

  2. Oh, yeah, contemporary was a pretty high category for me as well! I was surprised (though thrillers was number one for me, and I was not shocked at all). Summers are definitely way more productive for me in terms of reading since I’m out of school, so I feel that!

    I’m also trying to make an effort to read more backlist book sor books that I’ve had on my TBR for way too long. I’m determined to catch up on some series as well, but we’ll see about that. 😂

    1. Haha, good luck! Convincing myself to pick up an older book is always so hard when I have a shiny new release sitting right in front of me. But I’m determined to make it happen this year! And I think contemporary is an easy genre to read a lot of without even trying, just because the books are shorter and a breeze to get through!

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