Beat the Backlist 2018

BTB 2018

Another year gone, and another year ahead, filled with bookish goals and my fervent attempts at reaching them! I’m not one for doing too many yearly reading challenges, but I entered Beat the Backlist last year, and I want to try it again. Because, well, I kind of completely failed at it in 2017.

For those that aren’t aware, Beat the Backlist is a year-long reading challenge hosted by Novel Knight (an amazing blog!!) that’s for knocking out those books you’ve had sitting on your shelves for eons. You set your own goals and participate on a team to gain points. The only rule is that each book you count towards the challenge has to be published before the current year (2018)!

Last year, my goal was to read 12 backlisted books. You’d think 12 wouldn’t be too hard, since my overall Goodreads goal was 40, right? And considering the fact that I probably have 75+ books on my shelves from 2016 or earlier.

Somehow, I still failed. I only read seven backlisted books. That means everything else I read was published in 2017 (or in 2018, as is the case for a few). I think I really got swept into the world of ARCs and Netgalley this year, which has its pros and cons. But next year, I really want to read more of the books that I bought months—or, ehem, years—ago. They deserve the attention just as much as new releases!

So, before I share my official 2018 goal for Beat the Backlist, here’s a look at the books that I read for the challenge in 2017!

Crooked Kingdom barely even counts for this, because I finished it on like January 2nd of 2017, having read most of it in 2016. But you know, anything to count towards the goal!

So, now that I’ve reflected a bit on the past year, here’s my goal for the year ahead! *drumroll please*

I want at least half of all the books I read over the next year to be published before 2018. 

My overall goal is 43 (tentatively), so that works out to be about 21 backlisted books. I’ll round down to 20 to cut myself some slack.

I know this is ambitious, considering how I failed to even read 12 before. But I didn’t exactly make it a priority this year, so I’m going to change that for 2018! I SWEAR!

I’ll *hopefully* be posting a 2017 wrap-up soon, so keep an eye out to see everything I read this year, and my other goals for 2018!

Are you participating in Beat the Backlist, or any other 2018 reading challenges? Are you also bad at reading older books on your TBR?

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8 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist 2018”

  1. I did terrible on reading in general this past year, but I did read mostly books in this year and I read a lot of ARCs in the last couple months for next year, but in 2018, I am focusing on trying to get rid of some books that have been sitting on my iBooks shelf forever and some physical copies I’ve bought over the years but haven’t read yet. I’m hoping I can try to balance it with all the amazing 2018 releases coming out, BUT WE SHALL SEE! XD

    1. I need to do some unhauling as well! I have so many books that I know I’ll never read and am just not interested in anymore. Reading backlisted books is made so much harder when you have all the amazing releases that are slated for 2018! 😫 Here’s to us trying our best though, lol!

  2. I joined Beat the Backlist too (I’m a Book Bard!), my goal is 39 although I have double that on my tbr but I also wanted to not feel in a panic about reading new releases! I’ll get in early too and say HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉

    1. Ah thanks, Happy New Year to you too! So fun to see another bookworm participating in Beat the Backlist, I think I’m a Novel Knight? This past year I didn’t participate in the team competition, so I’m really looking forward to that! Good luck meeting your goal!

  3. Hahahaha I don’t even want to think about how long some of the books have been on my backlist TBR. I have books on my shelf and kindle that I bought 2 years ago. Yikes! Hope you reach your goal of 20 this year!

    1. Oh trust me, I definitely understand!! I think I have books on my shelves from 4 years ago … maybe 5 🙈 My TBR is really terrible lol. And thanks, I really hope ble to reach my goal too!

  4. WOAH that’s so impressive that you read so many new releases, though! I’m the worst at keeping up with what’s recently published. The vast majority of what I read is pretty old. This sounds like a really fun challenge! 🙂

    1. Haha that’s funny we have the opposite problems! I have enjoyed a lot of the new releases which is nice, but there are still so many I haven’t been able to read! It’s so hard to keep up 😂

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