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Hello again my fellow book nerds! Today I’m finally putting up my entry post for a year-long challenge that I’ve been wanting to participate in for a while!

The lovely bloggers Austine and Tia over at Novel Knight are hosting Beat the Backlist, a challenge meant to help readers make a dent in their huge TBRs, or even just read some of those older books that keep getting pushed aside in favor of new releases. Considering I currently have a TBR of 140+ books, I definitely fit in that category.

If I’m being honest with myself, I know I have zero hope of ever fully completing my TBR. I buy books at least three times as fast as I read them, so unless I took a few years off and did nothing but read, I’m always gonna have an ongoing TBR list.

BUT – there are quite a few books that have been sitting on my shelf for maybe 2 or 3 years that I’ve never gotten to. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. That’s why I’m hoping Beat the Backlist can help me finally read those books!

Rather than going through my entire TBR and choosing specific books, I decided to make a general goal:

Over the course of a year, I want to read 12 books on my TBR that were published before 2017, and preferably before 2016. 

It’s a modest goal, but that leaves me reading about one book a month for the challenge. So it’s definitely reasonable! A few books that I’d like to get to (but aren’t a necessity for the challenge) are:

  • Throne of Glass (yes, I know, I’m about 6 years late to this party)
  • Red Queen (been sitting on my shelf since it released)
  • Vinyl (I follow this author on Insta and LOVE her but still haven’t read her book!! #shame)
  • Circle of Stones (a random book I got like 10000 years ago, but am still excited to read)
  • The Young Elites (read Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, loved it, have yet to read this)
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses (I’m the only person on the planet that has yet to read anything by SJM)
  • The 100 (my book bestie loves this series and the TV show, so I feel like I have a bookworm duty to read this book)

Okay I have to stop now. I have like 164329359 more books I could add to that list, but that’s precisely why I chose to do a general goal of just 12.

I plan on updating my progress in my monthly wrap-up posts, and I hope you’re excited to see how successful I am with this challenge! I know Austine and Tia will be hosting read-a-thons, Twitter chats, and Instagram challenges for Beat the Backlist, and I can’t wait to participate in some of those fun activities myself!

Are you participating in Beat the Backlist (or any other reading challenges)? What are some of the goals you’ve made? I’d love to hear what you have planned for the year! 

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7 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist Challenge”

  1. I’m participating in this challenge, as well as a few others. I participated in a similar challenge last year, where we also had to read backlist books, and I read so much more that I was expecting. This year I set a goal of 30 backlist books and I hope I can reach it. Also, I love SJM books, they have issues in terms of diversity, but they are so addicting. I really hope you enjoy them!

    1. Ah I’m so happy that you’re doing Beat the Backlist too! I’ve yet to hear of anyone else doing it! I’m glad that a challenge like this helped you read a lot, I’m definitely hoping it has that effect on me. And since I’m a huge fantasy lover, I suspect I’ll love SJM books too, happy to hear you liked them! ?❤

  2. I just read throne of glass and did a review of it on my blog. I put off reading it for so long and I’m kicking myself for it now! I loved it, let me know how you end up liking it. Great post!

    1. Thanks!! And I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions about ToG, but the hype for all-things SJM is insane! I’m hoping it lives up to expectations! ❤

  3. I’m personally not taking place in any sort of challenge, but I do hope to at least get through half of the books that I’m ashamed to not have read. I love anything SJM, Red Queen, and the Young Elites, so I hope you love those as well! ?

    1. Wow I hope you’re able to meet your goal!! I only wish I had time to read half of all the books on my TBR ? I’m glad to hear you like all those books too! The hype is definitely crazy, so I hope they live up to expectations ❤

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