WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday (#1)

I meant to post this a lot earlier, but I was at school all day and then had some trouble with my blog, so a late night Wednesday post is what you get! Today, I’m doing my very first WWW Wednesday, a weekly meme currently hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer these three questions (that all cleverly start with “W”):

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

So here’s a snapshot from my current reading life!

Currently Reading

DToPR cover

I got an eARC of The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding from Netgalley a few months ago, and am now racing to finish it before the archive date! I just started it this morning, and already LOVE it! I’ve missed the middle grade genre, with its sarcastic opening lines and adorable characters. Prosper’s family is definitely on the wacky side and I can’t wait to read the rest of his story! Hopefully since it’s a MG it won’t take me long.

Recently Finished

These are the two most recent books I’ve finished. A Thousand Splendid Suns was actually my summer reading assignment, though I didn’t hate it like I usually do required reading! It’s a ridiculously sad and stressful book, but the writing is both beautiful and simple to understand – a rarity in books I read for school. It’s also a very important story, about two women struggling through the political turmoil of late-20th century Afghanistan. Then last night I just finished an ARC of Girls Made of Snow and Glass. Unfortunately, this book had an amazing premise but poor execution. The story was really slow, and overall kind of dull. It’s also the first book I read for #ARCAugust (let’s pretend that the month isn’t already half over okay?).

Up Next

I’ll be continuing to power through my list of Netgalley eARCs with these two! They both release in September, so I really have to get to these. But Moxie is probably one of my top anticipated releases of the year, I have a feeling I’ll just fly through it since the story is so kickass. Invictus is another anticipated release, anything with time travel and heist gangs tend to be right up my alley!

Untitled design

What are you all currently reading, or planning to read next? Did you participate in WWW Wednesday this week? Comment a link to your post!

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Zodiac Books Rereadathon: Wandering Star Tour


Hi guys! Unfortunately, the post I’m putting up today is not the post I had planned for. I was scheduled to put up a fun discussion post about some popular YA characters and their Zodiac houses yesterday. But due to a particularly evil stroke of misfortune, WordPress completely freaked out on me and my blog shut down. I obviously was able to get it running again, but my entire post was deleted along with my July Wrap-Up. I did think about attempting to recreate my original Zodiac post, but it took me at least 4 hours of laborious researching and formatting and I just can’t bring myself to do it all again. So instead I’m doing just a simple spotlight post with the giveaway at the end! If you guys wanna comment some of your favorite characters and what you think their Zodiac houses would be, that would honestly make my day! I will share with you my favorite character ever that I am 100% confident of what his house is:

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My First ARC August!

Image from Read. Sleep. Repeat.

Last year, before I started this blog, I saw some readers on bookstagram and Twitter participating in #ARCAugust. I thought it was pretty cool to have so many ARCs that you needed a whole month dedicated to reading them. Little did I know, a year later I’d be in that exact situation (I have Netgalley to thank for that)!

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Trope Tuesday #1: Insta-Love

Trope Tuesday #1- Insta - Love

Hello bookworms! Today I’m trying out a new meme that I was kindly introduced to through Twitter – Trope Tuesdays! Created by Lacy Literacy, the goal is to discuss one trope that you love, hate, or have any real thoughts on. Lately the one trope that I’ve been quite annoyed by is insta-love. So buckle up, and prepare for a ranty post my friends!

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#ARCstravaganza: Invictus


Hey guys! Today I’m back with my second #ARCstravaganza post, a weekly meme hosted by YA and Wine. Every Monday you post about an ARC you received that you’re excited about, either in a blog post or bookstagram photo (although I think starting in August it will just be on bookstagram). Each month, one participant will win a physical copy of an upcoming YA novel!

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