Unpopular Book Opinions Tag

Unpopular Book Opinions Tag

Hello bookworms! Today I’m doing my first (I think it’s my first??) book tag! I know this one’s a bit older and most people have done it already, but I feel like I have some unique opinions and really wanted to try it myself. Hopefully this won’t be boring for you guys!

I wasn’t actually tagged to do this, but I saw it most recently done by Book Princess Reviews,¬†and loved it! So I took the liberty of just doing it myself, lol.

Here we go! You can click on the photos of each book to see their Goodreads page.

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My (Probably Pointless) Fall TBR

My (Probably Pointless) Fall TBR

Hi friends! I haven’t been able to do much this past week besides non-stop homework, so I really miss reading all your beautiful posts!

It’s already that time of year where I scroll through my bookstagram feed admiring all the crisp orange leaves, strategically placed pumpkins, and steaming Starbucks lattes while I sit in 90-degree weather sweating my face off. Florida is a great place if you really enjoy year-round summer.

It’s also that time of year for a crazy amount of book releases! I think I’ve already had an existential crisis or two over the fact that I will never be able to keep up with all the books in the world. Though it’s not for lack of trying, which brings me to the purpose of this post!

I don’t usually set any form of immediate TBRs, since I rarely stick to them. But after getting an influx of eARCs, on top of recently released sequels and some other books, I decided to set a general list of books that I want/need to read during this fall season.

So here it is, specially crafted for your viewing pleasure! *wink*

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August Wrap-Up

August Wrap-Up

I’m a bit late with this wrap-up post, but then again, I’ve been late with everything this month. I’d like to say this is one of those wrap-ups that’s happy and positive and all “Look how much I got done!” but I’m afraid August was quite the opposite for me. But before I launch into my rant about life, I’ll fill you in on my (pitiful) reading stats.

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Anticipated 2017 Releases: Part Two

Anticipated 2017 Releases- Part 2

Hello again my fellow bookworms! I doubt anyone would remember at this point, but at the very beginning of the year (when I first started this blog), I posted the first half of my long list of 2017 book releases that I’m looking forward to. Well, I’m a bit late posting this, but today I’m bringing you a list of all the books releasing in the second half of 2017 that I’m excited for!

Which, if you think about it, means that I should be celebrating my 6th month blogiversary! I’m so proud of how far my little blog has already come, I haven’t always been able to post as frequently as I would like to, but I truly appreciate everyone that has taken time out of their day to read my silly posts and talk to me about books. I’ve already made some great friends, and that alone is something to be thankful for!

Anyways, on to the books! Clicking on a book’s title will take you to its Goodreads page.

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June Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

Another month came, and another month gone. I don’t know how time manages to move so incredibly quickly, but I feel like I take a breath and suddenly I’m at the end of the year. I mean 2017 is half over!! I still feel like we just changed over the calendars from 2016!

Overall, June was a pretty great month for me, I’ve spent most of it relaxing and with friends. But I’ll get into the personal details later, first here’s all the bookish stuff aka the stuff you actually want to read.

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