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Let Me Persuade You to Spend All Your Money on Books | Fall 2019 Books to Preorder

Hi friends, I hope the end of the summer has been treating you well! I’m bringing you a post today inspired by the recent announcement of the Gravemaidens preorder campaign (which I’ll talk a bunch more about down below).

Here’s a short but highly enthusiastic, just-imagine-I’m-yelling-all-of-this-in-caps, list of books I think you should spend that extra money on to preorder (or request at your local library, if your pockets are looking a bit bleak like mine) before the end of 2019. Now, there’s approximately 18000000 books I could include on this list, but I decided to only mention the ones that I’ve already read and loved, and/or the ones that have some pretty unbeatable preorder campaigns! So basically, these are all the fall 2019 books I’m over the top excited about, minus Ninth House because you all don’t need me to yell about that book even more than I already have, lol.

And a general note: if you’re able to, I highly suggest preordering/purchasing these books from your local indie bookstore! You can use IndieBound to find a store near you. Alright, prepare yourselves for some very long, rambling excitement about these books friends!

1. Gravemaidens


Alright, I’ll just cut to the chase and start with the book that got me thinking of this post! I’m kind of the luckiest bookworm in the world, because over the last couple months, I’ve gotten to work on the author’s Skeleton Crew (street team) for Gravemaidens and see how she put together one of the BEST preorder offers I’ve ever seen. So much love, time, and care went into these goodies, you definitely don’t want to miss out on snagging them for yourself! You can find all the details right here on her website.

If you’re not able to preorder before release though, don’t worry! You can still receive a bookmark AND a deleted scene if you submit proof of a library request. And for my international friends, there’s a ton of goodies available for you guys too, so basically there’s no reason you shouldn’t be excited for Gravemaidens at this point!

But I can also say that I’ve gotten to read the first few chapters of the book myself (planning to read the rest very soon, hopefully as a buddy read with my fellow Skeleton Crew member and bestie, Jordz the Bibliophile) and I’m already sucked into Kammani and Nanaea’s story. I’m fairly certain that this fantasy world is based on Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, which I’ve never seen before in YA! I really can’t recommend that you preorder this one enough.

2. A Treason of Thorns


Next up is a sophomore novel from an author that I fell completely in love with last year after reading her first book, The Light Between Worlds! I spent so many months waiting to read Treason after its release was announced, and I’m so happy to say that I loved it! I think The Light Between Worlds is destined to always hold a special place in my heart above almost all other books, but A Treason of Thorns is a gorgeously told atmospheric fantasy that reminded me a TON of romantic British literature like Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights (which is my favorite classic, so that’s saying something)!! If you love stories about haunted manors, fierce women, and best-friends-to-lovers romance, this book will probably be one of your favorites for the year.

I really, REALLY wish this book had a sequel! My only critique of Weymouth’s books is that they’re literally so beautiful and captivating that it always hurts to turn the final page and say goodbye to the wonderful characters she crafts. *Side-eyes the publisher to please give her a series* BUT – let that be motivation for the fact that you definitely need to preorder this book if you haven’t already!

And just in case you needed more incentive, if you preorder Treason you can receive some super exclusive short fiction content from the author (either an extra scene from The Light Between Worlds or a previously unpublished short story)!! Once you’ve preordered, just head here to fill out the form.

Also, the paperback for Light Between Worlds releases TODAY and you all definitely need that in your life too. Just sayin’ that if you spend your whole paycheck on Weymouth books, you won’t be disappointed.

3. The Girl the Sea Gave Back


If you’ve been following me anywhere for a decent amount of time, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Sky in the Deep. I’m super blessed to have gotten an ARC of this companion novel, and I’m currently reading it! As of drafting this post, I’m only about 60 pages in, but I’ve missed Adrienne’s gorgeous writing so much. I’m planning to save most of my thoughts on this book for my review, but I can definitely say you’re gonna want to have this for your shelf (especially if you loved Sky)!

And of course, Adrienne put together an awesome preorder campaign just like she did for Sky in the Deep! If you visit her Instagram post, you can find out all the information you need to submit proof of purchase and receive a super cool art print, and also be entered in a seriously amazing giveaway of stuff. But just in case you need more convincing, Adrienne just posted what the naked hardcover of The Girl the Sea Gave Back is going to look like, and I swear I’ve never felt my heart thump harder than it did when I saw that design!! That will only be on the very first print run of hardcovers though, so your best chance of getting a copy like that is to, you guessed it, preorder!

4. The Tea Dragon Festival


Okay, this next book I’m kind of cheating on, because I haven’t read it yet and there is no preorder campaign (as far as I’m aware of). But, I have read previous books by this authors and know that her upcoming release isn’t to be missed out on! If you haven’t heard of Katie O’Neill, she’s a graphic novelist that publishes “gentle fantasy for young readers,” as her bio puts it. But really, this should say “publishes the most gosh darned adorable books you’ve ever seen in your life, that will make you want to climb in between the pages and become a dragon.” The first book in her Tea Dragon series, The Tea Dragon Society, is seriously my favorite graphic novel ever! So I could not be more excited for the sequel, and as soon as I finish TGTSGB, I’m planning to read my e-ARC of it! I’m telling you all to preorder The Tea Dragon Festival (and purchase a copy of The Tea Dragon Society, if you don’t have it already), because these graphic novels will extend your life span by a good five years and deserve all of the hype. Please just go spend all your money supporting this author because I’m selfish and want even more books from her!

In case all that preorder info was too much in one go, here’s an easy condensed list of all the links you need to get that #bookswag:

Are you excited for any of these fall releases? What other releases are you looking forward to in 2019?

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Molly's Book Nook
Molly's Book Nook
1 year ago

I want to read The Girl the Sea Gave Back so bad! AND I missed the preorder post! I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

I’m super excited about the Girl The Sea Gave Back!!! And I didn’t know there was pre-order stuff so thank you, I will be ordering that right now!

Also, The Tea Dragon Festival was on NetGalley a few weeks ago. If you want to read it early you might be able to get a digital ARC?

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