How To Create the Perfect Reading Mood

How to Create the Perfect Reading Mood

What’s this?? My very first discussion post? I’m so excited you guys! I hope you enjoy the topic, and big thanks to my bestie Jordyn @ Jordz the Bibliophile for helping me decide on it. Also, you may notice I finally came up with a post divider, hopefully it looks alright!

Now what exactly is the perfect reading mood? For me, it’s being in a mindset where I’m relaxed, focused, and excited to read as much as possible! But there are many factors that affect whether or not I’m in the right environment to obtain that mood. So, here’s a list that details exactly what I do when I sit down to read. Of course, not everything will apply to everyone – we’re all different people with different habits! But this is what I think creates the Perfect Reading Mood.

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A Comfy Spot

This is probably obvious, but it’s definitely an important one if you want to be able to read for hours on end! My go-to reading spot is my bed. I usually pile up a few pillows, turn on my fan, and throw a fluffy blanket over (does anyone else do this? Make the room colder just so you can cuddle in a nice blanket? Maybe it’s cause I live in Florida, lol). Of course, I can read virtually anywhere (bookworms gotta find reading time whenever they can get it) but I feel most at-ease when I’m in a physically comfortable place!

Pleasant Aroma

Or, in other words, candles. There are at least 10 different bookish candle companies out there that I can name off the top of my head, and if you’ve ever wondered why it’s such a phenomenon, just trust me. Burning a nice candle while reading makes a world of difference! Personally, I always love to burn a matching candle to the book I’m reading (for instance, while reading Six of Crows I might burn my Dirtyhands candle from The Melting Library). It just completely sets the mood and really makes you feel like you’re in the story! But since you probably don’t own a candle for every single book you read, just burning anything is fun! In addition to the glorious scents that fill the room, the flickering firelight always makes me feel relaxed and tranquil.

Peace & Quiet

This one is definitely something that not everyone will agree on, but when I’m reading it has to be quiet. I can’t focus with the TV on in the background, or a conversation happening on the other side of the wall. And I definitely can’t read with any music playing (this is the part where people are probably drawing out their pitchforks in protest). My mind will automatically tune into that and soon enough I’ll just be glancing over empty words on a page. But when I’m home alone, with just the distant sound of birds chirping and my dog snoozing, I fall right into the Reading Zone.

A Nice View

As my friend Jordyn pointed out to me, reading by a window is another great way to create a comfortable atmosphere! I have two windows in my room that I look out of while reading, and I’ll constantly stare in the distance to ponder the latest plot development. I think they provide a nice glimpse into the real world that helps stimulate your imagination as you read, and it also gives your eyes something to look at if they need to rest for a bit!

A Furry Friend

Okay, this one is not as universally applicable or practical as the other methods, but when I read I love sitting next to my kitty! And my dog even joins the fun occasionally. Truthfully, I don’t have any specific reasoning for how this creates a good reading mood (in fact, cats are known for making your reading position as inconvenient as possible), but having a cute reading buddy to cuddle with is always a plus, in my mind!

Matching Merch

When I’m reading a book, I love to use a matching bookmark! Maybe it has a quote or a character on it, or maybe the style of it just reminds me of something in the book (I usually have to get inventive with it). You could do the same thing with a matching pillow, or even nail polish! As crazy as it sounds, I always feel more excited to read a book when I have some coordinating swag to go with it. Like a candle, it helps make me feel connected to the story!

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And that’s about it! Reading certainly sounds like an event when you do all these things! But creating the perfect reading mood can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Maybe you use these techniques too, or maybe all you need is a book and place to sit. Every reader is different, and we all have unique ideas of what a great reading experience is. That being said, I wanna hear from you all!

How do YOU create the perfect reading mood? What’s an absolute necessity? What hinders your ability to read? Do you agree or disagree with any of my methods? Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “How To Create the Perfect Reading Mood”

  1. Adorable post! I love the visuals! For me, perfect reading atmosphere includes a very VERY large glass of black tea lemonade , the aroma of my favorite lemon sugar cookie candle (can ya tell I love lemons yet lol ) and, of course, my very furry tom kitten, Haruki 🙂

    1. Thanks! That sounds amazing! ? And black tea lemonade sounds delicious right about now. Sounds like I could read quite a bit over at your house, lol! ?

  2. Ah, yes, I can read in a super noisy environment if need be, but I much prefer just having peace and quiet curled up in a book in my bedroom! I also need intense concentration! Now that I read mostly e-books, it’s difficult to focus on the book and not wander to some other app or the Internet. XD

    1. Oh man I definitely understand that!! When I read I have to set my phone aside and promise myself I’m not gonna check it until I finish the next chapter or two, it’s so distracting! It certainly doesn’t help when I’m actually trying to read an ebook on it ?

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