I’m Back! And With More Books to Read Than Ever

I'm Back! And With More Books to Read Than Ever

Ahhh I can’t tell you how good it feels to be typing away at a blog post again! I don’t think you’re able to truly appreciate something until you have to leave it behind for a while. For those of you that thought I left the book community for good, I don’t blame you! I went virtually dark on here and on my bookstagram. The only place you might’ve seen me lurking for the last month is Twitter. But hopefully I’m here to stay for a long while!

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The break I took—though for somewhat grueling purposes—was completely necessary. I’m in the deepest, darkest depths of my senior year of high school, and to all the people that told me it would be my best year yet, you’re a bunch of liars. College apps are, frankly, the absolute worst. I practically have my entire transcript memorized I’ve filled in my grades so many times. I’m also really sick of writing all about my Dreams and Goals and Hopes For the Big Bright Future Ahead of Me. (That all being said, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to go to college, but I need a little venting space because the application process is rough). Finally, I’m just really tired of school. I’m tired of homework. I’m tired of getting up every morning at 6:30 am. Senioritis has got me bad, you guys. Adjusting to this year has been much harder on me than normal, so I needed time to figure out how blogging fits into my schedule. But I finally got an entire week off for Thanksgiving, and I knew I had to make this blog a priority.

Now, as I write this post, I think that taking a hiatus also made me realize something else. Though blogging is tons of work, I need it now more than ever. When I’m feeling overwhelmed by how much schoolwork I have, or all the impending exams I have to take, blogging is a great place to relax and talk about something funWhich I really need at the moment.

Anyways, now that you’re all caught up on why I was gone, here’s a look at what I’ve been doing in my bookish life!

Recently Read

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Just a few days ago I finished Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu (thanks to my mom for snagging an ARC at YALLFest, more on that later)! Although I don’t know a ton about Batman, I have to say this book was quite captivating. I loved the way Marie describes Gotham City, and how the book feels like a crime thriller. I’ll be posting a full review in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

LoT cover

I also read one of my most anticipated 2017 reads, The Language of Thorns, a few weeks ago! It’s too bad that I read this absolutely stunning book during my hiatus, I would’ve loved to fangirl with everyone about it (please, if you’ve read this, FANGIRL WITH ME ABOUT IT)! As always, Queen Leigh managed to reach my soul with her gorgeous writing and storytelling.  I think my favorite story would have to be When Water Sang Fire, though I adore them all!

Currently Reading

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Okay, this probably seems pretty random. But believe it or not, I am one of the rare people on this planet that has yet to read this series. I’ve had the first book on my shelf since it came out in 2014 or some insanely old year (my TBR problem is really a catastrophe, I know). After attending a panel with Victoria Aveyard on Royal Politics and Schemery at YALLFest, I got the sudden itch to finally read this book! So hence why out of nowhere I’m picking up this YA “classic.” So far I’m enjoying it, but I can’t tell if it’s dystopia or fantasy? The mix of genres threw me for a loop, so if anyone wants to explain it to me, be my guest!

YALLFest 2017

Prepare yourselves bookworms, because I have pictures to share! About two weeks ago, I attended YALLFest in Charleston with my bestie @ Jordz the Bibliophile. It was actually my second time at the festival, so this time I went in with a lot more knowledge and an extensively planned schedule—well, an extensively planned schedule of giveaways, I should say. I got to meet several amazing authors and go to a couple panels/speeches, but the thing I’m most proud of is my haul. So I’ll save it for last. Here’s me with the authors I got to meet!

The authors from left to right: Laini Taylor (her line started two hours early!!), Becky Albertalli (sweetest person on the planet), Rhoda Belleza, Jeff Zentner, Sarah Nicole Lemon, Scott Reintgen (I may have gotten a sneak peek at the cover and title of Nyxia #2, that’s all I’m sayin’), Tomi Adeyemi (funniest. person. ever.), Dhonielle Clayton & Sona Charaipotra, aaaaand Jordyn being a goofball with me at the Penguin Red Carpet event!

Now for *drum roll please* THE HAUL:

I won’t be so obnoxious as to list everything out, but in the left photo are all the books I got, plus some tote bags. On the right are the posters, bookmarks, and other swag I collected throughout the day! I won’t lie and say I got all this stuff without even trying. During the week or so before the event, I scoured Twitter and Instagram for all the publisher announcements of ARC giveaways. Then I made an Excel spreadsheet and listed out all the potential giveaways I would wait in line for. At the event, I had my handy squadron of friends and family to jump between lines. It was an absolutely INSANE day, and now I have some serious reading cut out for me!

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Now that you know what I’ve been up to, I want to hear from you all! What did I miss while I was gone? What is everyone currently reading? Did anyone else attend YALLFest this year?

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