January Wrap-Up


Hello friends, and welcome to my first ever monthly wrap-up! I’ve done these before over on my bookstagram, but never as a full blog post, and I’m super excited to finally have a place where I can reflect on everything that’s happened in the past month. I know every blogger does their wrap-up posts a little differently, but I decided to include both a list of all the books I read in January, and all the books that I hauled (take a guess at which list is longer). I would have liked to post this earlier, but (as you’ll see later in the post) my life has been quite insane lately.

Books I Read

Crooked Kingdom cover


Honestly, I could do a recap of how much I truly adore this book, but I’m sure you all got sick of my ramblings and obsession just from my review. Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom (and the Grisha trilogy) are my favorite books of all-time, and they really mean the world to me. CK was definitely the best book I read this month, and probably the best I will read all year. It also crushed my soul a few times too.

TGG cover


We actually had to read this book in my English class this month, but it was the first time I’ve personally read it, and I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve yet to write my entire review soon my friends, soon but I went into this expecting a heavy-worded classic that I would spend most of my time just trying to understand. TGG wasn’t like that at all! It was very fast-paced with a lot of layers to it, I definitely recommend this for people like myself, that don’t usually read classics but are looking to get more into the genre.

caraval cover

???? + 1/2

Lastly for this month, I finished up Caraval just as soon as it came out. What a crazy, twisted adventure! Scarlett was a really enjoyable main character, and the romance was positively steamy. The insane plot twists and Alice in Wonderland vibes made for a completely addicting story. I was slightly disappointed by the end, but I’m already anticipating the next book!

Books I Hauled

Are you ready for this kids?

A Study in Charlotte cover

I’ve had my eye on this for a while, and finally picked it up once I found the newer (and cheaper) paperback edition!

Wayfarer cover

This is one of my highly anticipated reads for 2017, and even though it took FOREVER to arrive at my house I can say that it’s truly stunning. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to read it yet *sigh* but I think I’ll be getting to it very very soon!

Frostblood cover

Frostblood is another one of the January releases I preordered and was desperately waiting for, and I really hope I can get to it soon! Plus, this cover is gorgeous. Just in case you were wondering.

MHTN cover

I’ve been following Adam Silvera on Twitter for quite a while, and he’s seriously one of the most amazing people ever. After hearing all the hype for his recently released second novel, History is All You Left Me, I went out and bought a paperback of his first book so that I would have a complete collection of his novels (so far). Now I actually just need to read one of them!

CTM cover

Okay, before you make any judgements about me, let me explain how I got this book. In light of all its problematic issues and recent controversy, I never intended on reading this book or even purchasing it. But, I found out that my mother unknowingly preordered it for me several months ago as a Christmas gift (since I loved the Divergent series), and decided to go ahead and keep it. Even though I wouldn’t typically consider spending time on a book that I know is very hurtful for a lot of people, I figured that since I literally already own it, that at some point in the future I’ll give it a shot. I want to see exactly how problematic all these issues are, and how they actually play out in the story. Plus, I have to admit that all the discussion surrounding this book has honestly just made me curious to read it for myself.

HIAYLM cover

So how I got this book is pretty much the same story as what I described for More Happy Than Not, but truthfully I’m even more excited to read History since I’ve heard so much about it! What really made me preorder this book was participating in a #BBTC Twitter chat hosted by brittanysbookrambles, I got to read three teaser quotes from the book and got completely sucked in.

Roseblood cover

This is yet another of my anticipated 2017 releases, and I was thrilled to receive it in Owlcrate‘s January “Classic Remix” box! I won’t say too much about it, since I’m planning to do an entire Owlcrate unboxing post soon!

Seven Days of You cover

Alright, last but not least we have Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse, which I actually received a surprise ARC of in the mail!! I know getting surprise stuff in the mail from publishers is typical for a lot of bloggers, but it was the first time it happened to me, and it completely made my day. Coincidently I just finished reading this book a few hours ago (I really enjoyed it!) and will be posting my review soon!

Around the Interwebs

So now that you’ve successfully made it through the ridiculous list of books I read & hauled this month, I will now inform you of some of the things I’ve been up to on various social media. Since it’s my very first wrap-up post I’d love to be able to tell you specific things that I’ve done, but unfortunately the truth is I haven’t really done anything. My Internet presence has been sorely lacking this month. I started out really strong on Instagram the first two weeks or so (I was trying my hand at a photo challenge), but I managed to completely slingshot the other way and have yet to post any new photos since the 14th. I hate not being able to keep up with bookstagram, there’s so many new books I want to take pictures of and the longer I go without posting the more pressure I feel. Not to mention, it’s painful to watch that follower number plummet. I’m hoping to do a big photoshoot next weekend though *fingers-crossed*. I’ve definitely been on book Twitter a lot though (it’s much easier to maintain and get sucked into). As for Tumblr, lord knows when I’ll actually start doing stuff on there again now that this is my main blog.

Non-Bookish Happenings

Everything that’s been going on in my personal life definitely explains why I haven’t been able to keep up with the bookish stuff. I’m currently trying to navigate my way through the murky, caffeine-filled depths that is the second semester of my junior year of high school. When I’m not reading, I’m spending every waking minute preparing for the SAT, AP exams, and just trying to stay afloat in all the homework. It’s also show season in my musical theatre program, so a good chunk of my weekend is now going to rehearsal. I won’t really have time for anything else until late May, after AP exams. I wish I could spend my days perusing the book community and reading the 140+ books on my TBR, but that’s just not reality.



This month: 3 books read towards my goal of 40

Total: 3/40

Beat the Backlist

This month: 1 book read towards my goal of 12 (I’m choosing not to include The Great Gatsby, since it wasn’t on my TBR to begin with)

Total: 1/12


Here’s everything I posted in the last month, in order of oldest to newest!


I hope you enjoyed reading my very first monthly wrap-up post! Next month, I’m hoping to take pretty photos of everything I read and hauled just so I won’t have to insert so many cumbersome cover images. All in all, my first month of blogging has been incredibly fun and very rewarding! I can’t wait to keep growing and expanding, even though I still have quite a lot to learn with design and formatting.

What were some of your favorite reads during the month of January? Did you have a good month in general? I’d say January proved to be a great start to my year, given everything I was able to read!

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    1. Ahh I’m glad to hear you liked Frostblood! I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews, but I’ve been so excited to read it so I hope it lives up to expectations ??

  1. Yes I completely get what you mean about not reading much. The month started off well but then I started back at university and ALL the assignments got thrown at me, just a little stressed, but I did just finish a quiet kind of thunder and it was so incredible! I definitely recommend it!

    1. Ugh yes that always seems to happen when you get back from a long break, everything gets piled on at once. I’m just waiting for summer at this point! ? I’m glad to hear you liked A Quiet Kind of Thunder though, I’ve heard a lot about that book! I need to add it to my TBR! ❤

  2. Ha, I feel you on the not reading so much because of school thing! Even though I feel like I’m not reading a lot, I’m sure others would definitely want to read as many books as I do in a month! ?

    And yeah, hope you enjoy Adam Silvera! ? I’m reading Caraval right now and absolutely loving it!

    1. Ahh glad to hear you’re enjoying Caraval!! I’m hoping to read some Adam Silvera soon, I know my heart probably isn’t ready for it though ?❤

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