May Wrap-Up and June TBR

Hello fellow bookworms, today I’m bringing you a terribly late wrap-up post! I’ve been busy with life and stuff (what else is new), but I finished some good reads in May and have a good amount of books lined up for the rest of June, so I figured it was still worth it to post one!

What I Read in May

LOVELY WAR by julie berry

April 21st – May 8th

The first book I finished last month is kind of a super random read that I bought on a trip to B&N one day. I had seen it around just a tiny bit, but it’s obviously not a book that the community has been hyping. The premise – dual romances set during WWI narrated by the goddess Aphrodite – immediately caught my attention, and I decided to start it as soon as I bought a copy. I’m so glad that it didn’t disappoint! The writing is some of the most technically skilled I’ve ever read, told through the rare, omniscient third point-of-view and executed beautifully. Both romances were adorable and heartwarming in their own way, and I especially loved how the author included a really striking discussion on the role of African American soldiers during the World Wars. This book is definitely underrated!


Jan. 13th – May 8th

This book is barely worth mentioning, as I read it throughout the past semester for a creative writing course. I finally finished up the last chapter on May 8th just to be able to count it towards my challenge (#desperate lol). While it was easy to read and had some good tips in it, it’s pretty outdated and included mostly cliche advice I had heard before. If you’re looking for a book on craft, this might be a good place to start if you know virtually nothing, but isn’t helpful for much else.


May 9th – May 19th

Ahh, now for the read that simultaneously lifted my soul and crushed my heart. It’s been several weeks since I finished it, and I swear to you I still don’t know what to think. It just…wasn’t what I expected to read from Leigh, but there were still so many parts of it that I adore. I’m ridiculously nervous to see what’s in store for us in the sequel (like, really nervous), but I suppose if we survive this, my love and devotion to Queen Leigh will reach an even greater permanence in my life! If you’re interested in my thoughts on the specifics of the book (*cough* that ending *cough*) you can check out my rambling review.


May 20th – May 22nd

I picked up this summer romance as a nice palette cleanser after King of Scars, and it was my third time reading a Jenn Bennett book! If you’ve been following my Instagram or Goodreads, you might know that for the past year I’ve been working my way through Bennett’s books and seriously loving them all. I think Alex, Approximately remains my personal favorite to date, but Serious Moonlight is probably her most well-crafted book just in a general sense. Unfortunately, although I loved the nature-y setting and hate-to-love romance, this book fell a bit short for me compared to the others. I didn’t really like the main character, and the family issues in this were just filled with so much hate that it made that book a little less enjoyable to read. But that being said, Lennon was still a 10/10 love interest and there are some really amazing moments in this book, so if you like Jenn Bennett books, definitely don’t skip this one!

What I Hauled in May

Please enjoy my shitty handwriting and attempt at bullet-journaling in a pre-made journal that I bought because I lack any and all artistic talent

So I definitely acquired a lot more books this month that I did the past couple months of 2019, but honestly it’s still not *that* bad? I went a little crazy at B&N a few times lol, since I had gift cards and money from my birthday in April! In total, I got:

  • Five hardcovers (all purchased)
  • One physical ARC (from a trade I COULD CRY)
  • Four paperbacks (two purchased, one gifted, and one from a trade)
  • One swag item (a super cute magnet from my kind friend Leslie!)
  • One audiobook from the library that my dumbass started to include in this haul before I remembered that it’s from the library

The most exciting thing I got in May is definitely that ARC of The Girl the Sea Gave Back. I’m literally obsessed with Sky in the Deep and spent weeks skimming the trade tag hoping for a trade with a kind soul for Adrienne’s newest book. By some miracle and with the help of my dearest friend Brittany (and her tasty library lol), I was able to snag one of my MOST anticipated releases of the year!! She also gifted me a copy of The Bride Test, so basically I don’t deserve her at all.


If you’ve read any of the books I got, definitely let me know your thoughts, and if any should be moved up on my TBR!

Also on a side note, I’ve been getting back into library books this month! I requested several audiobooks (which I’ve already begun making my way through) and placed holds on some physical books, which I’m honestly really proud of cause I need to be saving money, not wasting it on books I might not ever read lol.

What I’m Hoping to Read in June

So I usually never put together TBRs, at the most I go into the month thinking of a few books I want to get to, but ultimately end up reading whatever the heck I want to in the moment. June is somewhat of an exception, however, because my book bestie Jordyn and I decided to do a readathon this whole week (from Monday to Sunday), and because I have several books due at the library that I know I have to get to this month.

As for the readathon, our goal was to read four books total according to the following prompts:

  • A backlisted book (We chose the book to read for this prompt for each other, and Jordyn picked The Wicked Deep for me)
  • A recently acquired book (I picked the audiobook of Two Can Keep a Secret)
  • A buddy read (we were planning to, and hopefully still will, buddy read Again, but Better in preparation for B&N’s first ever YA book club meeting!)
  • A book with LGBTQ+ representation for Pride (I picked Don’t Date Rosa Santos)

Well, the readathon ends in two days, and (unsurprisingly) I have finished absolutely nothing. Yaaaaay I suck, lol.

Honestly me and readathons have yet to get along, but I think it’s because I keep picking the worst weeks to do them. I naively think I can pull a readathon off along with busy activities, and it always goes down the toilet. That being said, I’ve been legitimately trying to keep up the reading this week even if it was few and far between, and I do think the motivation of the readathon helped keep me in the reading game! This time I’ve really learned my lesson to only attempt a readathon on a week where I know I have nothing going on.

The new goal is just to finish my current read A Treason of Thorns (from before I even started the readathon), and the audiobook of Two Can Keep a Secret, both of which I’ve been enjoying!

Other than The Wicked Deep, which I’m admittedly throwing back onto the shelf (listen, I’m sorry book, ONE DAY I WILL READ YOU), I‘m still hoping to finish all those reads in June! I’ve already completed listening to Her Royal Highness (what an adorable freaking book honestly), and Don’t Date Rosa Santos and Hot Dog Girl are both library books that I gotta start if I want to read them before they’re due (so ya know, I feel sufficiently pressured). Fingers crossed I can power through those the rest of this month!

What did you read in May? Are you making progress with your June TBR? Hope all of you lovely bookworms are finding some great summer reads so far!

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1 year ago

I left this post with one more book on my TBR list (Lovely War) thank you very much… (Also in other unrelated topics your blog is beautiful and I love it)


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1 year ago

Your handwriting is better than mine 😂😂 But your haul list looks awesome! I had a Book Haul page in my last bullet journal but I bought to many books and it was too hard to keep track 🤷🤷 I’m super jealous you got a copy of The Girl the Sea Gave Back!!! (tho also super happy for you!) I hope it is as amazing as Sky in the Deep <3

1 year ago

oh I got a copy of this ARC as well! Can’t wait to read it!

Bookish Rita
1 year ago

I love this post, especially how you included the picture of your notebook!

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