My (Probably Pointless) Fall TBR

My (Probably Pointless) Fall TBR

Hi friends! I haven’t been able to do much this past week besides non-stop homework, so I really miss reading all your beautiful posts!

It’s already that time of year where I scroll through my bookstagram feed admiring all the crisp orange leaves, strategically placed pumpkins, and steaming Starbucks lattes while I sit in 90-degree weather sweating my face off. Florida is a great place if you really enjoy year-round summer.

It’s also that time of year for a crazy amount of book releases! I think I’ve already had an existential crisis or two over the fact that I will never be able to keep up with all the books in the world. Though it’s not for lack of trying, which brings me to the purpose of this post!

I don’t usually set any form of immediate TBRs, since I rarely stick to them. But after getting an influx of eARCs, on top of recently released sequels and some other books, I decided to set a general list of books that I want/need to read during this fall season.

So here it is, specially crafted for your viewing pleasure! *wink*

The books are in no particular order! Lord knows it will be hard enough just trying to stick to the books on this list, much less a specific order.

INVICTUS – I got an eARC of this quite some time ago, and as things usually go, I still haven’t read it yet. I think I’ll be reading this after Gray Wolf Island (my next eARC), since GWI is archived on Netgalley first. If you’re thinking this sounds a little like eARC madness, it’s because it is. And I *may* be planning to write an upcoming discussion post on it!

GRAY WOLF ISLAND – As previously mentioned, this is the first on my list since the archive date is very soon. The premise sounds very intriguing and a little creepy, so I’m hoping it really impresses me! Let’s pray I can read it fast enough, lol.

LITTLE & LION – After those first two books, there really is no order to my list. I actually feel terrible about not reading this book yet, since I received a print ARC and am WAY past the release date. I suppose it’s better late than never though! And I’ve heard amazing things about this book.

THE HATE U GIVE – This probably seems a little out of place, but unfortunately I still haven’t read this book *hides under my desk in shame*. I’m seeing (and possibly meeting) Angie Thomas in November at YALLFest though, so I definitely need to read this by then! Plus, I’m kinda just crazy for not having read it already.

THE DAZZLING HEIGHTS – I feel like I always put off reading sequels for some reason, so my goal this year is to get caught up with them. This fall I hope to read this positively stunning novel, as I’m super excited to find out what happens to the gang after the events of The Thousandth Floor!

THE LANGUAGE OF THORNS – This is a given, considering my undying love and adoration for the Grishaverse and Queen Leigh. I’ll be meeting her this Wednesday (!!!!!) for her LoT tour AND I’M KIND OF DYING INSIDE!!

THE HAZEL WOOD – Another shriek-worthy occasion, just two days ago at BFest I snagged an ARC of this GORGEOUS book!! At the moment, this is my top anticipated 2018 release, so you can imagine my shock and utter joy at getting an ARC of this. I have a feeling I won’t be able to resist reading it much longer!

THE DRAGONS OF NOVA – Ahhh, another victim of my sequel negligence. This came out over the summer, and I still haven’t made time for it. The Alchemists of Loom is one of my favorites, I really really don’t want to put this off much longer! If you guys don’t notice me reading it sometime soon, please feel free to give me a good scolding.

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What books are you hoping to read this fall? Are you stuck in a land of eternal summer as well, or buried in new releases?

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