Owlcrate Unboxing: January “Classic Remix”

Owlcrate Unboxing- January -Classic Remix-

Hello my bookworm friends! Today I’m doing an unboxing of the January Owlcrate! I’m assuming everyone that purchased a box has seen it already (since Owlcrate has already sent out their February box), so I don’t think spoilers are an issue. But if you’re by chance still waiting for a January box, then I don’t recommend reading this post! 😅

Last month’s theme was “Classic Remix,” so it was all about modern reinventions of classic literature. Before purchasing it, I already had a good idea of what the book was, and I was definitely thrilled to see it included in this box! In addition to a beautiful hardcover book, there were all sorts of gorgeous items that I was really satisfied with.

Disclaimer: I’m not a rep for Owlcrate or a reviewer, so all my thoughts are those of an average consumer.

Here we go!

Spoiler Card & Button

Every month, Owlcrate includes a postcard and button based on that box’s theme! Since the January box revolves around a certain musical, they went for artwork based on the theater. On the back of the card is a description of every item in the box, along with information about where each item was made. In case you can’t tell from the photo, the pin says “The Owlcrate Theater.” These added details make the collector in me very happy!

Item #1: Loose-Leaf Tea


As a die-hard tea drinker, I always love trying out new flavors and brands. So I definitely thought this was a great item! Unfortunately, I haven’t actually tasted any of this tea yet (I’m just lame and haven’t taken the time to actually figure out how to make it, since it’s loose-leaf), so I can’t really comment on the actual quality or taste. Mint and rose sounds like a delicious, refreshing flavor though, and it goes with the theme perfectly!

Item #2: Soap

This was by far my favorite item in the box, and it was a complete surprise! I’ve already used most of the soap, and it smells A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Inspired by The Secret Garden, this book-shaped soap (if you look at the second photo and turn your head sideways, you’ll see what I mean. I took that photo before I realized the soap looked like an open book don’t judge me okay) smells of white tea and berries. I’ll definitely be purchasing more soap from this vendor in the future!

Item #3: Magnet


This item was probably the most underwhelming of the box (I’m just not a huge fan of the style, or of magnets in general) but it’s definitely creative and fits perfectly with the box’s theme! I liked how it’s based on the original Phantom of the Opera novel, and not necessarily the Broadway production.

Item #4: Calendar

One of the bigger items included in the January Owlcrate was this gorgeous monthly calendar! Based on one of the clues Owlcrate had sent out, I was expecting this item, but all the artwork is seriously beautiful in real life! The photo above is of the January page, with an illustration and quote based on Peter Pan. If you look in the bottom right corner, the back of the calendar has mini pictures of what every page looks like. The artwork is based on a variety of classic stories, including Alice in Wonderland, Call of the Wild, The Jungle Book, and more. I have this sitting on my desk, and it’s really helped brighten up the atmosphere when I’m deep into stressful homework.

Item #5: Bookmark

Alright, I finally see why everyone’s been raving about Lexy Olivia’s bookmarks. This one is insanely gorgeous, and top-notch quality. My photos really don’t do it justice. The colors and design just work together so beautifully, and the paper is very sturdy. The quote is from Slaughterhouse 5 , which I’m not even remotely familiar with, but I still love this quote! I’ll definitely be perusing Lexy’s store from now on.

Extras: Mini-Poster


Owlcrate usually includes about one or two extra flyers or advertisements in their box, and this month we got a Wires and Nerve mini-poster! Even though it’s technically an ad, it still goes perfectly with the theme (since The Lunar Chronicles books are all fairytale retellings). On a completely random side note, will you guys be reading Wires and Nerve? I’m a huge TLC fan, so I would love to see how the story continues, but I’m also not into graphic novels. They just don’t really capture my attention. Let me know your thoughts on this!

The Book

If you haven’t already guessed, January’s Owlcrate included Roseblood by A.G. Howard! Ever since I heard about this retelling of Phantom of the Opera, I immediately added it to my list of anticipated releases. When Owlcrate announced their January theme, I was 98% sure that this was gonna be the book, so I knew I had to get the box. As always, Owlcrate included a letter from the author (which I personally think is a great added touch), along with a signed bookplate! This hardcover is so gorgeous, even the print inside is red! I haven’t gotten the chance to read this book (I really hope I will soon), but I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews. Plus, as someone who’s seen Phantom twice on stage and a few times on screen, I’m looking forward to seeing the author’s twist on the story.

In Conclusion


All around, I was very impressed by the January box! I love all the items that were included and was definitely satisfied by the high quality of everything. This was the first bookish box I had gotten after about 4-5 months of skipping out, so it felt like Christmas all over again when this showed up at my door. If you want to check out any of the stores where the items came from, you can click on each bold header for a link. I wish I had been able to publish this post a bit sooner, since Owlcrate is already marketing for their March box, but hopefully you guys still liked reading some of my thoughts even if you’ve already seen the box. Also, the next unboxing I do will (hopefully) have slightly better photos, I was in rush when I took all of these.

Did you guys receive the January Owlcrate? What did you think? What are your thoughts on Roseblood? Do you subscribe to any other bookish boxes? I’ll be getting my very first Fairyloot soon, so I’m very excited to do an unboxing for their February box (stay tuned)!

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  1. Oh man I can definitely understand that haha subscription boxes are expensive!! I’ve been hearing so much about Book of the Month Club, I’d definitely like to try it sometime! But as you said, my wallet probably couldn’t handle it ?

  2. Ugh, so many subscription boxes and I have no money. ? The only one I’m subscribed to is the Book of the Month Club, which is more adult. It’s where I usually get my thrillers from.

    1. I hope you’re able to get Owlcrate someday too! It’s really a great subscription service, I’ve gotten several of their boxes and never been disappointed! ❤

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