Rating System

I rate all the books I read on a standard 5-star scale. For a closer look at what each star usually means to me as an individual reader and reviewer, here’s a break down of each rating.

  • ????? (5 Stars) – In my mind, this book is perfect. It met or exceeded all of my expectations, had no real flaws or aspects that I disliked, and it’s probably on my list of top favorites for the year.
  • ???? (4 stars) – I really enjoyed this book, though there are just a few things I didn’t care for or found to be less than ideal.
  • ??? (3 stars) – I found there to be an equal mix of good and bad in this book. I really enjoyed some parts but had trouble with others. Overall, it’s an okay read, and I’m probably on the fence about reading a sequel if there is one.
  • ?? (2 stars) – While there are some redeeming qualities to this book, there was more negative aspects than positive. My attitude towards the book as a whole is probably not very good.
  • ? (1 star) – I didn’t like this book at all. There are no real redeeming qualities, and I likely had to push myself to even finish it.

So that’s the usual thought process I go through when deciding what to rate a book! Of course, every book is different and it can be tough to pick one number to judge an entire story on. I very frequently use half-stars for that reason. For instance, if I rate a book 2.5 stars, that means I found it to have more positive aspects than a 2 star book, but less than a 3 star book. Or the reverse could be said of the negative aspects.

I try my best to rate each book solely on this scale and not compare them to each other. So while all my 5 star books should be similar in my feelings towards them, I still prefer some more than others.

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