Review Policy

If you’re an author or publisher, please read through this policy before contacting me to make sure that your book is a good fit for my blog.

Preferred Genres: 

  • Young Adult
    • High Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
    • Contemporary
    • Dystopia
    • Historical Fiction
    • Mystery/Thriller

Please take note that as a teen, I’m mainly looking for YA fiction. Fantasy is a particular favorite of mine that I read frequently. Science fiction and contemporary are close seconds. I will definitely consider accepting the other categories, but please note that they are not my specialty.

Genres I will not accept:

  • Non-fiction (of any kind)
  • Books that are religious/spiritual in nature
  • Poetry

Genres I will consider (but am less likely to accept): 

  • Adult fiction
  • Middle-grade
  • New Adult

I will gladly accept ARCs or finished copies, in either physical or electronic form. However, I definitely prefer physical copies to ebooks. I almost always post my review onto Tumblr, Goodreads, and other forms of social media in addition to this blog. If provided with a physical copy, I will likely post a photo on my bookstagram upon publishing my review.

You can typically expect a review within at least a month or two of sending the book, or before release date for ARCs. If I think it will take me any longer, I will notify you as soon as possible. I’m a busy student, so my blogging schedule can occasionally slow down for periods of time.

Lastly, my reviews will always be completely honest and based on a five-star rating scale. I would also be thrilled to participate in any blog tours or promotional opportunities. You can email me with requests at, or fill out the form directly on my Contact page. Thanks so much for taking an interest in me and my blog!