An Extensive Guide to All-Things #Booksfortrade, feat. My Not-So-Tiny Addiction

Booksfortrade discussion

After some deliberation about whether this post actually needed to be written—given the how-to posts I’ve already seen floating around—I decided my recent whirlwind experience with book trading still needed to be shared with you all. Because it was definitely quite a thing that happened to me.

So let’s paint a picture real quick: it’s January of this year, I just finished reading an ARC of Reign of the Fallen, and I loved the book so much that I really want a set of the character cards released by the author. I text my go-to bookworm friend and tell her of my sudden desire for these cards that you can’t get by pre-ordering anymore, and she responds with a text that arguably ruined my life—

“Why don’t you just go check the tag?”

The tag, friends. THE TAG. *cue Jaws music playing in the background* Of course through a short discussion and checking it out for myself, I learned all about the allusive and ever-criticized #booksfortrade. Long story short, I found a good trade with a kind soul for those character cards and I lived happily ever after never checking the tag again.

HAHAHAHAHA I wish. My wallet really wishes. My TBR really, really wishes. But curse my addictive personality because I definitely did not stop after those character cards. I got into the habit of perusing people’s posts everyday (it really feels like a virtual bookstore sometimes), messaging new trader friends I had made, and sending off package after package with books to swap.

Six months later, I had people in my Twitter DMs messaging me for advice because I’m “an expert.”

I assure you guys, the last thing I ever set out to be in this life is a freaking #booksfortrade expert. But here we are.

I’m not writing this post to sarcastically chronicle my downfall as a trader, however, because #booksfortrade has actually been really fun for me in what have been the hardest months of my life. So today I’m here to maybe help guide those of you that want to start trading, or help you decide whether entering the world of trading is worth it for you!

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What I Learned From an Almost 6-Month, Mostly Unplanned Hiatus


Wow. Where do I even start? If you’ve been following my blog in the past year or so, you might have realized I dropped off the face of the planet after January.  If you didn’t notice, then just read on for the Valuable Lessons portion of this post and skip the Explanation of Why the Heck I Haven’t Been Posting.

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Myths from YA High

Myths from YA High

Hello bookworms! Today I’m bringing you a particularly fun discussion about a topic that I kinda consider myself an expert on: high school. Now that I’m officially a senior and school is starting up across the nation, I figured it was the perfect time to finally write this post!

I’m sure many of you have noticed, but the YA genre doesn’t always realistically depict high school. Authors (or even screenplay writers for movies and TV) take a few liberties when portraying high school students in order to liven up their stories. Usually, the characters either have a much more difficult, or much easier, high school experience than us muggles get. Well, having spent the last three years of my life traipsing through the hallways of a very REAL school, I have a few thoughts and issues to raise. So, here’s, my list of myths about high school that can be found in just about any YA book!

But first, a disclaimer: everyone has a completely different high school experience! So if you actually can relate to some of these, please don’t be offended. These are just things that I’ve picked up on over the years and wanted to share. And every school is wildly different, I’m sure many of these do exist at some high schools!

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