Three Bookish Things Tag

Three Bookish Things Tag

Hello fellow bookworms! I saw a few different bloggers/bookstagrammers (most recently, Cait @ Paper Fury) do this tag and it seemed like a ton of fun. Given that I haven’t done a tag in a loooong time, I figured this was perfect to get back in the game!

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Three Favorite Authors

  1. LEIGH BARDUGO – (as if y’all didn’t see this coming from ten miles away) Leigh is my Queen. She writes character development like no one else I know. I worship her and very much wish that I was her. Enough said, honestly.
  2. RICK RIORDAN – This one might actually be more of a surprise, since I never really talk about Percy Jackson in my posts. But PJO is arguably the series that changed my life the most, and given how Rick manages to use his privilege as an accomplished white dude to write very diverse casts and stand up for marginalized representation, I basically will stan him for the rest of my life.
  3. LAINI TAYLOR – This one was a tough slot to fill, since Rick and Leigh have always been my go-to favorites. But when I think of stunning writing, I think of Laini. I’ve read her DoSaB trilogy and Strange the Dreamer, and with every book she publishes Laini only seems to get better and better. Her prose are lyrical and luscious, if I’m ever able to write half as well as her I’ll consider myself to be a pro.

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Three Weirdest Things I’ve Used as a Bookmark

Truthfully, I’m a really boring bookworm that actually just uses normal bookmarks most of the time. But here’s a few random things I’m pretty sure I’ve attempted to use as a bookmark before:

  1. RECEIPTS – Everyone has done this at some point so it’s not really that weird, but I seem to lose my bookmarks a lot and receipts are everywhere in my house, so they end up taking a spot in my book all the time.
  2. A HAIR TIE – My room has approximately 83 billion elastic hair ties sprawled all over because I notoriously wear one and then lose it, so in moments of both desperation and laziness I’ve used these as bookmarks.\
  3. MY CAT’S TAIL – Saving the weirdest for last, I’ve attempted to use my cat’s tail as a bookmark more than once! She’s always laying next to me on my bed while I read, so when I have to get up for a short period I’ve kinda just sneakily slid her tail in between the pages. Sometimes she wakes up and gets mad, sometimes if I return fast enough it actually works! Such is the problem with using an animal for a bookmark.

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Three Books Binged

We all know I’m a notoriously slow reader, so there aren’t too many books out there that I’ve managed to binge read in one go. But I managed to think of a few!

  1. TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE – I remember randomly picking this book up one night and not finishing it until 3 am that same day (well, technically the next day, but you get what I mean). I just couldn’t stop reading until I saw what would happen between Lara Jean and Peter K!
  2. SHATTER ME – I’m kind of cheating with this because I think it actually took me two days, but I read this dystopia on my Nook over vacation and remember blazing my way through it!
  3. SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA – Another contemporary that I read in just over 24 hours, also on my Nook. Becky’s writing is so funny and relatable that I’m pretty sure my eyes were glued to the screen until the very last sentence.

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Three Characters I Love

  1. KAZ BREKKER – Another answer you definitely should’ve seen coming. Kaz is my favorite character of all-time, I always joke that if I had had a terrible childhood, me and Kaz would be identical. Other than his crappy past, we basically are already.
  2. AIDAN – AIDAN’s chapters in Illuminae are, in my humble opinion, the best written, most creative pages in a book that I’ve literally ever read. Jay and Amie are fricking geniuses. AIDAN is such a morally complex and dichotomous character, his internal dialogue definitely qualifies as poetry.
  3. ENNE SALTA – If you guys haven’t read Ace of Shades yet, I have to kindly ask you to drop literally every single thing you are doing, run to your local library or bookstore, and grab this gorgeous book. Enne is feminine, logical, tough, sexy, and insecure all at the same time. I think she’s the perfect example of a real teenage girl that finds herself neck-deep in a ton of trouble.

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Three Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Oof, buckle up kids.

  1. MOVIE/TV ADAPTATIONS SUCK – Okay I know that not all adaptations suck, but I personally get sick to my stomach when news comes out that my favorite stories are being translated for the big screen. I actually wrote a whole blog post on it a while back, but it basically boils down to the fact that the Percy Jackson movie gave me deep-rooted trust issues for the rest of my life.
  2. TROPES ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY FUN – While it does admittedly depend on the trope, I find that most of them don’t bother me. Fake dating? Give it to meeee. Dark, swoony guy with a tragic backstory? As long as he isn’t problematic, I’ll probably fall in love. Competition to the death? Hasn’t gotten boring yet.
  3. OLD BOOKS SMELL TERRIBLE – New books smell fricken amazing. The crisp pages, freshly printed ink, I could smell it for days. Old books, however, smell musty and make my nose itch and remind me of old people.

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Three Favorite Book Covers


  • Let Shadow & Bone represent all Grisha covers because they’re the best and I’m clearly an original person
  • I didn’t really like Onyx & Ivory or The Hazel Wood but both of them have gorgeous covers so I guess they deserve appreciation
  • I’m pretty sure every human under the sun chose Caraval for this question because honestly how could you not
  • All the Nyxia covers together are so spacey and colorful and you all NEED TO READ THIS SERIES

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I hope you guys enjoyed the tag, now tell me what books or authors you would choose for each question! And what’s an unpopular bookish opinion of yours?

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8 thoughts on “Three Bookish Things Tag”

  1. I can’t believe you used your cat’s tail as a bookmark!! That’s so cute!! We have a lot of favorites in common like Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor! I also agree with you that tropes can be pretty fun! I think it’s especially great when authors put a unique spin on a common trope. I just love seeing you mention so many of my favorite books!

  2. Not only do they smell weird, but old books make my eyes really dry? Like the pages are so dry they suck the water right out of my eyes? Haha Idk why but its weird!

    I have used hair ties on multiple occasions as bookmarks! I always have some on my wrist so they are always handy!

    Great post 🙂

    1. Haha very true, I keep hair ties on my wrist too so it’s always convenient. And old books usually make me sneeze/cough cause of the dust, so I totally understand irritated eyes too! But old books are usually cheap books so they’re worth it 😂

  3. I love your replies here! I totally agree with you on Laini Taylor. I’ve only read Strange the Dreamer but it was enough to make her one of my new favorite authors. And the cover art is absolutely lovely!
    I personally like the way old books smell, it’s not that they smell good but they always make me feel at home and cozy (weird, I know – lol) 🙂

    1. Thanks!! And that’s totally valid, old books carry a lot of a history with them which makes them special ❤️ Glad to see another Laini Taylor fan is out there too! 🙂

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