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Hi friends! I recently touched on some of the self-realizations I’ve had over the last few months in my “welcome back from hiatus” post, but I’d definitely say the biggest one I’ve had is finally accepting that I’m a slow reader.

While everybody is posting their “Mid-Year Book Freakouts” and talking about all the different books they’ve read in 2018, I’ve been staring dejectedly at the number “17” on my Goodreads tracker. I may or may not be over 4 books behind on my challenge and wondering how the heck I’ll ever catch up, but that’s probably a post for another day. But finally accepting that I’ll never be able to read 100 books in a year sparked an idea for a fun discussion. With such a prolific community of book lovers, I’d say there’s a few different types of readers out there, so I decided to create a (most definitely silly) list of them!

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The Daydreaming Snail

So might as well start with the category I would put myself into first! Yes my friends, if I had to compare my reading style to any particular animal, it would probably be a snail. I’m pretty slow overall, though to be fair my speed varies drastically depending on the book. I’d estimate it takes me around 2-3 minutes per page, which is much more than the average. This is definitely due to the fact that my mind likes to wander while I read. A certain sentence will remind me of something I watched on TV last night, or saw at the grocery store, and I will proceed to stare out my window and ponder said subject for five whole minutes before I return to the page. I also like to reread certain paragraphs if the writing appeals to me, or dream up fanfic-like scenarios of the characters. Essentially, my mind never likes to focus unless the book is just that good. But this type of reader also tends to notice the details and takes time to fully appreciate the writing, word for word.


The Juggler

While this sounds more like the name of a Batman villian (if it actually is…don’t judge me I’m a Marvel girl), I have quite a few friends that love to alternate between three, four, or fifteen books at a time. I’ve never attempted to read more than two books at once myself, but I can’t deny I’ve felt the urge to pick up a random book off my shelf no matter what I’m currently reading. How someone manages to keep ten different story lines straight, I shall never know. That’s definitely a superpower in its own right, so a Batman-esque name might be appropriate after all. Now actually finishing all those books is a different challenge entirely.


The Serial DNFer

And that brings us to our next category, the type of reader that hardly ever reads a book cover to cover. While my perfectionist insides cringe at the incompleteness of it, I can see how it’d be easy to put a book down midway and never pick it up again. Maybe the story just hit a slow part, and why waste time on a boring book when there’s a world full of interesting stories? Maybe the emotional tension got to be too stressful and you just can’t look at what happens next. No one really wants to see their faves be harmed or face even worse. Or maybe, never finishing a story means that you don’t have to say goodbye to characters or a world you love. When this type of reader actually finishes a book, it’s worth noting, because that book is probably just too good to be put down.


The Overnighter

This category could be stretched to mean a lot of things, but we all know those people that read about one book a day, and usually stay up all night to do so. If I had to choose which kind of reader I wish I was, I would definitely want to be like this. I really don’t know how people manage to stay up until the sun rises reading a book, at some point in the night my eyes always start to droop. But sacrificing sleep and overall well-being has its advantages, because these are usually the readers that surpass their Goodreads goal and read over 100 something books in a year. Then again, this might not serve you very well when you have to go work the next day at 8 am.


 The Roller Coaster Reader

If you find yourself frequently hitting reading slumps, and then reading a ton in a short span, you probably fit in this category. A roller coaster reader experiences ups and downs in their reading habits, like a cycle. You might read a really awesome book that sparks the sudden urge to read 10 books in a week, but then read only one the next. I think we all tend to hit slumps at some point, but it’s pretty much the norm for this kind of reader. The slower reading periods wouldn’t be great, but I definitely envy the ability to power read when the mood hits!


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So that brings us to the ever-important question: which reader are you? Do you read super fast or slow? Do you think you’d fit into any of my categories?

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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Reader Are You?”

  1. I’m a roller coaster reader for sure 😀 Just a month ago, I was on this great high where I read a book a day for a week and a half. I got ahead on my Goodreads challenge and I was finally catching up on my review books and it was amazing! Then, cue the disaster. Nothing tangible happened, I just stopped wanting to read. I still can’t make myself stomach reading anything other than rereading some of my favorite scenes in old favorites. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I wish a was a little more consistent 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Ah that definitely can be a bummer, I hope you can get back into reading soon! I think I’m in a bit of a slump right now too, truthfully. But those bursts of catching up probably feel really nice!

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